Friday, July 26, 2013

Smarties : actresses and actors who made wise career choices

Unlike The Lost from a few days ago,these artists have made extremely smart career choices.Whether they were average or extraordinary,child prodigies or mature actors,all of them resisted the urge of over-exposing and built their careers on excellent roles in smart movies.They may have slipped occasionally but their careers could be a good studying material for young wannabee stars.

So my choice of Smarties,in random order:

1.Michelle Wiliams,probably one of the smartest career women in Hollywood,from Dawson's Creek to 3 Oscar nominations,the girl is an uber Smartie

2.Tobey Maguire, even though he was Spiderman and therefore very exposed,all of his choices were very intelligent and he made the most of his qualities

3.Maggie Gyllenhall,in spite of some slips she still manages well her career,could do much more

4.Kevin Spacey,excellent guy,excellent choices

5.Emma Stone, from "Easy A" on she chose well

6.Johnny Depp,the man with many wise choices and then he did  "The Tourist"?????Still,smart career

7.Ellen Page,from "Juno" to "Touchy Feely",good moves

8.Joseph Gordon Levitt, thoughtful career

9.Marisa Tomei,excellent actress,enviable roles

10.Stanley Tucci,I ll forgive him "Burlesque" bc he is almost perfect

11.Elisabeth Olsen,so far so smart

12.Julia Louis Dreyfus,one of the funniest women in show business,excellent career planner,brilliant

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13.Gillian Anderson,agent Scully keeps reinventing herself

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