Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The most underrated actresses and actors in Hollywood

Certainly not for the lack of award nominations,hard work and great roles, but these people seem always to find themselves under the thin line that separates the true Hollywood royalty and all the rest.They are all brilliant actors,some of them deserving those coveted roles far more than the actors who get them,some of them cheated of their Oscars.My very personal list of the underrated,in random order.

1.Laura Linney,excellent actress with a great career

2.Toni Collette,one of the best but had to turn to tv for motivating roles

3.Viggo Mortensen,great actor,good choices,not enough appreciation for his gift

4.Chloe Sevigny,smart eccentric girl,without a decent acknowledgement of her extraordinary talent,turned to tv

5.Tim Robbins,where are great roles for this fine actor?

6.Kevin Kline,one of the best,what is he doing with his choices?

7.Ed Harris,exceptional actor,could do so much more

8.Don Cheadle,fantastic actor,enlightens every role he plays,at a loss of proper challenges

9.Kirsten Dunst,another smart girl with eclectic career choices and lack of real praise

10.Garet Hedlund,very interesting young actor,not just another handsome guy, deserving far more attention

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