Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The best of Austrian and German acting talents and a great Swiss actress

Germany has a serious tv and movie industry and probably the best tv movies in Europe.Such conditions are ideal  for  the development of many excellent actors. Their language fellows Austrians follow in their path with a variety of  good actors and actresses.So my favorites,in random order and without the people I have already praised in my blog.

1.Bruno Ganz

2.Harald Krassnitzer

3.Moritz Bleibtrau

4.Adele Neuhauser

5.Karl Markowics

7.Andreas Lust

8.Michael Fuith

9.Christiane Horbiger

10.Josef Hader

11.Sibel Kekilli

12.Urlich Matthes

13.Nina Hoss

14.Ursina Lardi

15.Hanna Schygulla

16.Devid Striesow

17. Mark Waschke

18.Wotan Wilke Mohring

Image result for matthias schweighöfer

19.Matthias Schweighofer

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