Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Talents who got lost in confusing career choices

It is always sad to watch talented people make bad career decisions,starting with great roles and then getting lost in disputable or really awful projects.Some of them come to their senses but some get simply lost.

So a whisper to all the lost boys and girls in la la land and worldwide : wake up quickly and find some decent roles even if it means waiting for some time.

My choice of The Lost,in random order:

1.Jake Gyllenhall,from Brokeback Mountain to Prince of Persia,seriously?????????????The End of Watch gives me hope but still........

2.Kate Hudson,from Almost Famous to becoming the queen of rom coms,I am furious with her because she was very good at her beginnings

3.Gerard Butler,probably the biggest waste of talent and the worst career choices imaginable,could have been very good

4.Amanda Seyfried,also a lot of questionable choices and a lot of potential

5.Jim Sturgess,potential,potential

6.Katherine Heigl,does anyone remember her debut with Depardieu?After all her bad roles,hardly.

7.Shia LaBoeuf,a guy everyone loves to hate,actually a very talented kid whose career is a mess

8.Freida Pinto,great start and then nothing,a pity

9.Adrian Brody,I don't even know where to start,what is he doing???????????

10.Natalie Portman, an Oscar winner with some absurd choices

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11.Hugh Jackman,sadly, he managed to waste his undeniable many talents on mostly unchallenging roles

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