Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The most overrated European actresses and actors

To be fair to Hollywood,Europe has also a lot of  artists who are getting excellent roles,who are plastered on every front page and who are generally considered to be huge stars while their talent is average,to be very generous.Sometimes it is their looks that upgrade them,some of them are lucky enough to start with a great director so their path becomes easier but they are simply not good enough for the interesting roles they are getting.

So here is my list of Euro hype,in random order.

1.Keira Knightley,uber hype,so many great chances,so little magic,the luckiest actress in Europe

2.Daniel Craig,if it was only Bond,I could live with it,but he gets so many challenging roles and he is simply shallow

3.Monica Belluci,I get it,she is an incredibly beautiful woman but that is definitely not enough

4.Til Schweiger,German star who is recycling his former charms all over again

5.Sophie Marceau,a French superstar,painfully repetitive and one dimensional

6.Vincent Perez, French super busy actor,so many intriguing roles,so many disappointments

7.Martina Gedeck,German actress,she is everywhere and she is so predictable

8.Matthew Goode,I like him,a lot,but he is getting to many demanding roles for his average talent

9.Jessica Schwartz,another German hype,vain and uninspiring

10.Vincent Cassel,he is talented but lazy and conceited enough to show only one part of his talent all over again

11.Charlotte Gainsbourg,oh God,one of the most irritating actresses in the world and so highly regarded ,I can't believe it

12.Jude Law,a hot mess,to many tabloid stories and not enough good interpretations,lost in his chaotic life but still getting to much attention and great acting opportunities,pity because he has some potential

11.Emily Mortimer,american tv creators simply love her,why???????????

12.Daniel Bruhl,the guy is nice and funny but that can't justify all the great chances he is getting

12.Rebecca Hall,she gave us a brief moment of quality in  "The Town" but everything else was painful to watch and yet she keeps landing interesting projects,another brit hyper hype

Image result for rosamund pike

13.Rosamund Pike,she managed to get an Oscar nomination,the girl without a hint of real emotion

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