Monday, July 15, 2013

R.I.P. Cory Monteith


Another tragic loss in acting community,a young talented performer Cory Monteith died two days ago in Vancouver.

Even though he had many roles through his sadly brief career,his most famous interpretation was definitely Finn Hudson in Glee.

To all of us Gleefans,it was a feast watching Cory do his Finn.

He was a nice,decent,funny guy who had to endure a lot throughout his to short Glee existence.

He was cheated on,betrayed by his best friend and eternally tortured by his neurotic girlfriend(s).

He was kicked out of his team and got back,he got a brother and a step father whom he learned to love and support,he won some,he lost some,he was a really awkward dancer and a loyal friend.

Finn had a lot of challenges in Glee but Cory Monteith did it all with a lot of charm and enthusiasm,with great sense of humour and  truly amazing musical performances.

Unfortunately,his career was tragically short and we can all regret we didn't get a chance to see many more interesting roles Cory had in front of him.

So R.I.P. Cory and thank You from a devoted Gleefan.

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