Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Henry Cavill : the perfect career move

I have seen Henry Cavill for the first time in  "The Inspector Lynley Mysteries", a solid British crime series.He was a beautiful kid,cocky and funny and he seemed interesting enough for me to continue following his career.

A few roles later,he became quite popular starring opposite a brilliantly maniacal Jonathan Rhys Meyers in "The Tudors".
The series was a feast for casting fans like myself with many interesting new faces,perfectly homogeneous cast and some striking roles.

Cavill was irresistible as Charles Brandon, he is a tall strong man,extremely good looking and at ease in his skin.His calm appearance was a welcoming break from Meyer's constant neurosis,he was very comfortable in many love scenes he had and all in all he did a very good job.

He is very sparing with his movements,it seems as if he knows less is more when one has great looks as he does.Nothing is exaggerated in his physical appearance,he is a self assured guy who knows how to play his assets.As different as they are,Rhys Meyers and Cavill make a good couple,covering for each other's flaws.

The roles he chose after "The Tudors" were eclectic,to say the least.Only one of them is worth mentioning and that is Woody Allen's "Whatever works".
His ease with his female partners was very obvious again,he seems a really nice and caring guy and Evan Rachel Wood was a great partner.There is a light in him that shines very brightly when his characters are in happy and relaxed situations and that is the mood that suits him the best.And he is discreetly funny,so I think comedies might prove to be a great genre for him.

For his sake I have endured a really terrible action movie "The Cold Light of Day" ( God how much money is spent every single day on really really bad movies???).Again,Cavill looks great,a bit older,with a curious haircut but still a beautiful guy.
He couldn't do much since the movie was awful but he was excused for all his shortcomings when I saw two superstars, Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver stumbling at his side.

And then he made a brilliant move,becoming Superman.
He has everything that the role needs: looks,vulnerability,decency and courage.

Like Tom Welling on tv,he might become a superstar through Clark Kent and I think this was the perfect career choice for him.Instead of enduring dozens of predictable action movies and risking many questionable roles,Cavill made a smart decision and it is a life time opportunity for this young actor.

He is lucky to work with extraordinary actors like Russell Crowe and Michael Shannon, and Amy Adams with her gentle beauty and amazing talent is a perfect partner.They are also very generous co-stars and if he is smart as I think he is, he will learn a lot from them.

And let's not forget that Clark Kent is a franchise that could make him a true super star.He deserves it and I hope he ll know how to use this fantastic chance prudently.

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