Friday, July 19, 2013

Looks only : in acting,it is simply not enough

The inspiration for this post came from the trailer for "Rush",the new movie by Ron Howard who made a common mistake to trust a great looking actor with much more than he can give.I love to see beautiful people on screen and tv,I really do.And generally I am very generous and try not to expect a lot from them since they already have those gorgeous  physiques.It is crucial to have good looking  actors and actresses on screen since the public needs escape from dreary everyday life.We want to fall in love with them and we do,forgiving them  easily the lack of real talent or skill .

When they stay in the realm of non demanding roles,everything is fine.But when misguided directors encumber them with challenging and complex tasks,all they have is lost.Their looks fade and the whole purpose of their on screen existence vanishes.

So here are a few of the "beautiful and damned",in random order,and I think no explanations are necessary.

1.Chris Hemsworth

2.Eva Mendes

3.Arnie Hammer

4.Olivia Wilde

5.Ashton Kutcher

6.Malin Akerman

7.Chris Pine

8.Blake Lively

9.Hayden Christensen

10.Megan Fox

11.Kellan Lutz

12.Amber Heard

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