Thursday, February 28, 2013

Oscars 2013,women only and of course Channing Tatum

The Oscars came and there were no big surprises except for all the people who presumed Seth MacFarlane will be preppy and polite. He was exactly himself, even a bit censored but very resourceful and quick.

Even though I am not his fan I appreciate his skill and cleverness.All in all it was fun and far better than last two years.And really let's all just relax and stop defendinding women's rights when they are not violated.The jokes are just jokes but far bigger issue for women today is the fact that only Kathryn Bigelow managed to get an Oscar for directing  a few years ago or the fact that women producers or studio bosses are so unbearably rare.This is certainly not Seth's fault.

But the night was simply fantastic for my whispering.

Channing Tatum continues to delight me,his dancing routine with stunning Charlize Theron made people drool and he was very humble in all his appearances,proving that he knows his place in the cruel hierarchy of Tinseltown.

The women were beautiful,with a few appalling exceptions.

Jessica Chastain  was simply perfect.I love her and respect her acting versatility and it made me very happy to see her having fun and enjoying her well deserved success.Nominations are a big deal,let's not forget that and it is her second in a very short period of time.Congratulations Jessica!

Naomi Watts looked fantastic,modern and edgy,her nomination well deserved but she is still far from Jessica,Jennifer or Emmanuelle Riva.

Mme Emmanuelle Riva is the epitome of French chic and cool,her performance in one of the greatest movies ever made was brilliant and the Oscar could have happened to her.It was great to see a woman of her age shine in such a demanding role.

The youngest nominee,Quvenzhane Wallis, is very funny,relaxed and obviously excellent actress and I hope that people who work with her will know how to continue nurturing that exceptional talent.Being a child prodigy in acting business is very tricky and I am very interested in watching her develop.

And finally Jennifer Lawrence.Oh dear,where to start?From the" Winter Bone" to this day I  knew she would rule the acting world some day.She is exceptionally talented but more than that she is simply a force of nature, a tomboy,a girl with no inhibitions and a performer so smart that she turns the most embarrassing moments in  personal triumphs in a split second.

Her role in "Silver Linings Playbook" was made to measure to accentuate all her strengths.She is effortlessly sexy,she is wild,she is omnipresent and yet she gives her partners a chance to shine beside her.It was a long time since I have seen a girl so brilliant, in some ways she reminds me of Julia Roberts.I sincerely hope that she will continue to choose her roles very carefully and that her road will be free of major Hollywood slips.

My whisper for her is the following:
- please follow only your heart in choosing projects,Your next step is extremely important since many great actresses simply ruined their careers after receiving the Oscar
- and never ever wear complicated dresses on big occasions

Amy Adams is a beautiful woman and a very good actress.Her choices so far were excellent,I liked her the best in "Fighter" but somehow awards slip from her fingers.Like Laura Linney,she constantly gets nominated and disappointed. In my opinion she deserved the Oscar more than our poor Fantine but she deserved it every time she got nominated.I will continue to root for Amy,her quiet shy charm and serious devotion as well as her struggle to act in interesting projects impress me. I wish her all the best and the Oscar will come soon enough!

Sally Fields,a legend.I loved to see her again in movies,I envy her the chance of working with a miraculous Daniel Day Lewis and she could have also gotten the award.She deserved it and I hope to see her again on the big screen.

The same goes for Helen Hunt,a great talent and charming and cool woman.She is never to eager and somehow she manages everything with unbearable lightness.I know she will get nominated and win again and again and I am glad for her.

Jackie Weaver is a nice funny lady but her nomination baffles me still.

And then the object of so many jokes,the insufferable Anne Hathaway who obviously didn't read my blog and will never ever just relax.

Oh Anne,such a shame!Receiving Your first Academy award while Your nipples got their twitter account?????WTF?????Even though I find the global hate movement towards Anne odious I can't help but getting furious with that girl and much more with people who work for her!What were they thinking, all of them?For months now she is the object of scrutiny,gossip,irrational hate and at the most important moment in her life she gives everyone a reason to convulse with laughter?

She is who she is,a neurotic artist,an insecure young woman who simply can't find a way to become likable.But still,she is a good actress and a beautiful girl and to ruin that it takes an entourage of morons.

The girl just got an Oscar and all everyone is talking about is her idiotic dress??????????????It is a nightmare.We can discuss her Fantine,I admit that her getting the Oscar instead of all the other nominees is maybe not fair but it was the vote.And she got all the awards this season so that says it all.

But to ruin a magical moment with things that should be so simple to solve??????She is beautiful, just find her a great dress and that's it.And finally,who are her PR people?Don't they know how to fix things?Her decline started two years ago with the Oscar hosting so what were they doing during that time?Are they trying to ruin her completely?Even if she was a stubborn woman who wanted to do everything on her own,there are always ways to create an image less irritating than the one she continues to force on the public.What are her parents doing?Her husband?They are the people closest to her and I hope well intentioned so for the love of God give her some sound advice!Her blabbering about forces in universe and that insufferable false "I love You all" attitude is just obnoxious.

So a whisper for her parents,husband,all of her entourage:
- get a grip people,advise and handle the girl,she is not Charlie Sheen for the love of God but she is drawing so much hatred that it will ruin her career completely
- find new stylists ASAP,the Prada disaster was really a major DISASTER

And a scream to Anne:
- Anne,sincere congratulations on Your Oscar,You deserve it and You will deserve it again but now is the time to change Your attitude,You may find it charming but it simply isn't working!Reinvent Yourself and rely on Your exceptional talent in doing it!

P.S.I was delighted to see the fabulous Mrs Michelle Obama taking part in this festive occasion!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What is happening with Ryan Gosling?

There are actors with limited talent who manage to become decent  by enormous effort and some smart career choices.And then there are the really talented and brilliant actors who work hard,succeed very quickly and then suddenly loose themselves.

With over 40 nominations and more than 20 wins in various actors awards, Ryan Gosling  is/was probably the most promising thirty-something Hollywood actor. He started young and with hard work and some excellent choices he managed to become a true superstar.

He is serious,bright,committed,he knows his strength and manages well his weaknesses,he made good career judgements and fought bravely for his stardom.Still, for me it is always Ryan Gosling I am watching instead of the character he should play. And since he is truly talented I am probably harsher on him than he deserves.It always seems to me that there is one small step he should take to become really perfect and yet I can't decide what step is that.

His career choices were thoughtful,with some outstanding movies and among them my favourite, "Lars and the real girl".I love him in comedies in general but Lars had something special,the awkwardness,the determination to live his own love life the way he wanted it and the touching commitment to the girl of his dreams.Gosling was excellent, the best harmless weirdo I have seen,never falling in the trap of being simply ridiculous.That was certainly the role that could have gotten him important awards.

He loves to play problematic youth and it's a pity that the movies he chooses in this genre are often  average or really bad.He is challenged by this kind of roles,and in spite of his boyish good looks he generally nails it."The believer" could have been a great movie,the story was compelling and Ryan took his chance bravely.He was good,he was fierce,he was disgusting when needed but the movie in general was to slow and the rest of the cast was simply pale.A similar role was played by Russel Crowe in "Romper Stomper" and Crowe had the advantage of having just the right looks for the part.Ryan's pretty face  sometimes seems a burden since he needs to outplay it.

There were also "Murder by numbers", "Fracture" and "All good things".He is good in playing disturbed young men and among those I would pick All good things,probably because of Kirsten Dunst who was an excellent co-star.And yet there is something lacking in his psychopaths,as if Gosling has a certain limit he never dares to cross.

"Stay dead","Half nelson" and "Blue valentine" gave us another form of disturbed,and he plunged in it convincingly.He is always at his best when there is a passionate love interest for him since he really really falls in love with his partners but among the mentioned roles I prefer his performance in "Half nelson" that earned him  the Oscar nomination.

I didn't forget "The notebook",the notorious romantic drama with Rachel McAdams.Gosling was very good,their romance real and the movie became a legend in its genre.

He continued his path to greatness with important and critically acclaimed movies "The ides of march","Drive", "Crazy stupid love".I guess he had high hopes for Ides and Drive,he got a lot of important nominations,he was every one's favourite and yet the most prestigious awards didn't come his way.As for Ides, I was not surprised.The movie was predictable and boring,Gosling was good but all in all it was just a big hype.Drive was different,it was a good movie with some serious flaws but nevertheless a good movie and there is a general appreciation for so-called transformational roles among public and critics.

Crazy stupid love was excellent.The cast was superb,it was clever,entertaining  and touching and Ryan Gosling was exceptional.Funny,buoyant,he took us all by surprise and confirmed my opinion that comedy is a great genre for him.Globe nomination was great for Gosling but unfortunately with Jean Dujardin nobody stood a chance.

Image result for ryan gosling

He was certainly disappointed, it was his best year so far and I can understand that he got tired of  not winning.That is my explanation for his lazy performance in "Gangster squad". The movie was average but didn't deserve the slamming it got.Some actors were great like Josh Brolin and Mireille Enos,some things were irritating but all in all I have seen far worse.But as for Gosling, he didn't even try.He made a mixed tape of his previous roles and got away with it.Casting Emma Stone as his partner once again was a safe and boring choice.

The same thing happened in the mess of a movie,"The place beyond pines". Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling together were a great idea but casting Eva Mendes with Oscar nominated actors was a great risk that didn't pay off.Once again Gosling made a medley of everything he knew and the result was disappointing.

Of course he is entitled to make mistakes but only a few.He is a great,serious actor,a hard worker and smart career planner, bright and talented artist.Since he is so smart,he has no excuse for lapses.And now he should stop,listen and learn from those mistakes.It is time to reflect very carefully what to do next.Certainly not direct and write a fantasy thriller???????I hope I am wrong but it seems like a recipe for disaster.

He has done so much already and he is still young.His next move should be very very careful,not calculated but attentive and passionate.He needs high standards since talent is a very precious thing and it is unforgivable to waste it.

A very loud and insistent whisper for Gosling:
- please just take a break and think hard about your next role
- don't experiment with directing,there are only a few Clint Eastwood stories in Hollywood
- talk to Jason Reitman asap or
- find a great comedy script and produce it,take Jason Reitman to direct it,I think You two would make a great team.

Unfortunately,Ryan Gosling is not listening to whispers,and he had a rude awakening in Cannes where his film was trashed and ridiculed.

What now?Desert island or finding a new agent?

Hopefully someone close to him will  convince him to rethink his career asap.

With best wishes but really worried,

Actors whisperer

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Just relax Anne!

There is a girl who has everything,looks,talent,recognition, obviously fantastic agents, and yet.....there is something so tense in her that it makes you feel sad.

I saw her for the first time in tv series Get real and she was great,beautiful in an old fashioned way,funny and engaging.It was a decent show that also starred Jesse Eisenberg and Eric Christian Olsen and both of them did quite well later on.

Then the Princess diaries, nice movies that confirmed my first impression about her, it seemed to me she was about to be a star because she had so much on her side already. I kept waiting for the right role that would show her real strength and possibilities and it came soon enough.

Brokeback mountain.It should be every young actress dream to land a part with a genius like Ang Lee in a movie so powerful and poignant that it would last forever. She had a great partner in never better Jake Gyllenhaall (neither before nor after) and she was brilliant,courageous, always halting exactly on the fine line between passionate and pathetic,with a breathtaking physical presence on the camera. A great start for a serious acting career.

And she just kept going,making excellent choices.Devil wears Prada put her together with "dame" Meryl Streep,probably the best living actress in the USA.She took the opportunity and rose to the occasion,learning along the way from a living legend.She was flamboyant and her beauty was overwhelming.Then she had a lot of fun in Get Smart,also a great choice to star next to a great comedian like Steve Carell.

Becoming Jane was and is one of my favourites Anne roles,since her connection with James McAvoy was excellent and her old fashioned looks tend to shine in a costume drama.I thought she had great agents since her choice of the roles was until then very eclectic and daring but never calculated.

Just as I started wondering about her next move she landed a role of her lifetime in Rachel getting married.We have seen  there a completely different and surprising Anne Hathaway,at her best.All the nervous energy that we had a glimpse of in Brokeback mountain exploded and made her so fantastic that she got a well deserved nomination for the Academy award.It was a great little movie,with excellent acting performances and female characters so insufferable that  it was difficult to decide whom  to hate more.It is definitely Anne's best performance till today.

Of course she had to have some questionable choices, but even in the middle of the road movies she did well.I liked her a lot in Valentine's day and  in Love and other drugs. Brides war was  awful but it was interesting to see her opposite Kate Hudson,a girl who was once so brilliant that is very sad to watch her becoming a  rom-com queen.
One day was nothing special but still she never made me feel embarrassed for her performances except of course watching her struggle through the 2011 Academy awards.

To begin with, James Franco and Anne Hathaway are an awful couple.On every level.Disastrous.And in a situation that was doomed from the start she chose the worst possible road.Enough was said  so I won't dwell upon it but the only bright moment in that awful evening were her looks.

But for me it was the beginning of a new Anne Hathaway,nervous wreck as opposed to Anne Hathaway,shy and ambitious young actress.After the Oscars she became so anxious, edgy and  fervid that I began to feel sincerely sorry for her. The critics were harsh,the Oscars were a disaster,so what? The responsibility lies on the shoulders on those supposedly very smart and experienced people who chose her,not on hers.Every young actress in the world would have grabbed the opportunity and she was right to do it.She was awful but  it was the first serious faux-pas of her career and that puts it in some perspective.

The Dark knight series is obviously a must for many young actresses and it is a legend of it's kind so it was a good choice to bring her back to life after the Oscars even though I would never cast her as the cat woman.  

All in all she did a few not so great movies but she was decent even in those parts so I simply don't understand her nervous tension.There are many gossip sites that write about celebrities private lives,but I tend to focus only on their work and judge what they give me on the screen. I firmly believe that the public should discern between public,professional and private lives of actors and actresses and judge their work solely based on their performances.It is very difficult since media bombards You with insignificant and idiotic insight in their most private moments but they are supposed to bring us pleasure with their work,not with their personal life.Anne Hathaway is one of the few who has almost everything going for her and her nervous eagerness to please is about to harm her career significantly.

I am afraid that she will become so avid that she' ll make some careless choices. For now she is still holding on with Les Miserables,showing everyone that she can also sing. She was good and her effort deserves to be commended .She got an Oscar nomination and already a few important awards and I really wish that in all this triumph she just relaxes a bit.

So just a tiny whisper: just relax Anne, relax and enjoy, it's  Your time and it can hardly get any better so please just chill!

And for the love of God find another stylist,whoever is dressing You now is ruining Your perfect looks!
Actors Whisperer

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Channing Tatum's magical career

 In summer of  2010. all of my daughter's friends were crazy about  some young hunk from the ultimate tear- jerker,"Dear John". He was presumably the best looking guy anyone has seen in years, a stud  with a gentle heart,and his abs were to die for.

As I was spending a disastrous summer in the city, faced with a crash of  my grand plans about moving to another country,the time I spent  in front of  all my screens was quadruplicated.
The guy seemed familiar,and finally I remembered him from a charming comedy "She 's The Man" with one of the best young comedians,Amanda Bynes (God,what happened to that girl??!)

He played a dumb hot football star Duke to her witty and smart Viola.I liked the movie,I liked his character so I gave him another chance as John Tyree.And he was good. Handsome and hot of course but also really good. And when I say good I mean good FOR the part and IN the role.Not good in the GREAT ACTOR category but exactly the right person for that specific job.And this is one of my norms for recognizing GOOD actors. 

He was decent, unpretentious and touching.It was a perfect role for him, not to complicated,spare and manly.But it is a pity that the very important part of his character,his ability to love someone so deeply and selflessly,didn't come to full expression because of the tragic lack of chemistry between him and Amanda Seyfried.

It seemed to me that this guy had huge potential and I continued to follow his career.
Immediately I rented all the "Step up" movies which were good (no.1), and average (no.2).But his acting was decent again, his dancing  excellent, and  it is always great to see a multi talented performer.

Next was "Fighting" and  Shawn Mac Arthur.The character was well written and full of great opportunities for an actor. And he took them and played it perfectly.Even though it is essentially always the same guy Channing is showing us,I like him.He is kindhearted, sometimes burdened by his past,ingenuous but capable of surviving serious challenges,he is loyal and fierce,gentle and decent.
And Channing Taum is a generous partner,he gives his maximum to the role but leaves a lot of space for his co-stars.
His chemistry with Zulay Henao was excellent,far better then with Amanda Seyfried and till today I consider this to be one of his best performances.

"Stop-Loss" was my next stop and I was very excited since I am a big fan of the director Kimberly Peirce.
The movie was ok,not exceptional,but Channing played a correct partner to a very tense Ryan Philippe.

Since I started backwards,these were all roles that led to "Dear John" and in my opinion his big break in Hollywood blockbuster was well deserved.I still preferred him in comedies but I was excited to see what will come next.

And there it was,the not so great 2011.(for me neither so I was even more upset).Just a brief walk through some really awful movies(The dilemma,The Eagle,Son of no one,Ten years) and one that is an enigma for me (Haywire).

I understand the motives for working again with a director who loved him and who made two really good small movies before, but Dito Montiel blew it in the "Son of no one" and no one was there to save poor Channing (not even the legendary Al Pacino).He tried,he did the best he could but all in all it was awful.And it's a pity because the director showed us so much with so little means before.

I will spare everyone my opinion of his choice of the other roles, but  Zip in "The Dilemma" was strangely funny compared to the lack of enthusiasm of far bigger stars in the movie. 

"Haywire" is a movie I generally don't like nor understand  but Tatum was decent in it and it was a beginning of a cooperation that will prove him as one of the smartest actors in Hollywood.

2012. began with a disappointment but afterwards brought a lot of joy for me as Channing's devout follower. First let s talk about the disappointment, "The Vow".

Essentially it is not an awful movie,it did well at the box office but there is a constant problem with his female partners that culminated in this movie.Rachel McAdams is a beautiful woman and a good actress.And yet her Paige to his Leo was uninspired,irritating,cold and selfish (not as her character but as acting partner).
It was a nice romantic movie in which she did nothing except counter play a very humbled Tatum with a certain disdain that was not intended for her character. Another bad casting move when it comes to pairing him with his supposed love interests.

And then  no more romantic drama,just a great comedy."21 Jump Street" was pure perfection.His Jenko was exactly the role that he should do again and again,a role that puts all of his flaws in good use.He had a great partner,or to be precise partners,since all the cast with Jonah Hill as his co-star was brilliant.The simpleton who comes back in another era when the rules of popularity have changed had both heart and balls and endearing vulnerability thanks to Channing Tatum.

And finally "Magic Mike".Very smart and bold move,it could have easily gone wrong even with a great director like Soderbergh.But it didn't and I enjoyed it a lot. It was fun,it was serious and it was original.The cast ensemble was great and both Matthew McConaughey and Alex Pettyfer were excellent.

Tatum was completely himself and even though he had better roles,his creation of the movie project is what is so compelling.He let his partners play it to their best, which proves again that he is a very generous co-star. There is  one serious flaw in the casting department and that 's Cody Horn.But I have already said enough about the choice of his female partners.

The movie proved that he was one of the smartest young movie professionals in Hollywood.

There are great examples of actors who are clever enough to produce the kind of movies they love to star in,like Mark Wahlberg and on a completely different level Ben Affleck and I hope Channing Tatum will continue in that direction.He has overcome the prejudice that surrounds so many good looking actors and actresses,he has endured harsh criticism,he was ready to learn from his mistakes and proved that he can do much more than just act.

So here is my whisper to Channing Tatum:

- more comedies,less romantic movies,more Jenko less Leo
- very careful choice of dramatic roles,the affinity with the director is not always a guarantee of a good movie 
- expansion in production

And it seems that Chaning Tatum is listening to all our prayers and whispers,he continues producing,he did the next Jump Street movie and most importantly,he is triumphant with "Foxcatcher" premiering in Cannes to all around praise.
Finally ,a great dramatic role in a critically acclaimed movie with lot of exposure,Oscar buzz is already starting.