Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The most underrated actresses and actors in Hollywood

Certainly not for the lack of award nominations,hard work and great roles, but these people seem always to find themselves under the thin line that separates the true Hollywood royalty and all the rest.They are all brilliant actors,some of them deserving those coveted roles far more than the actors who get them,some of them cheated of their Oscars.My very personal list of the underrated,in random order.

1.Laura Linney,excellent actress with a great career

2.Toni Collette,one of the best but had to turn to tv for motivating roles

3.Viggo Mortensen,great actor,good choices,not enough appreciation for his gift

4.Chloe Sevigny,smart eccentric girl,without a decent acknowledgement of her extraordinary talent,turned to tv

5.Tim Robbins,where are great roles for this fine actor?

6.Kevin Kline,one of the best,what is he doing with his choices?

7.Ed Harris,exceptional actor,could do so much more

8.Don Cheadle,fantastic actor,enlightens every role he plays,at a loss of proper challenges

9.Kirsten Dunst,another smart girl with eclectic career choices and lack of real praise

10.Garet Hedlund,very interesting young actor,not just another handsome guy, deserving far more attention

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The most overrated actors and actresses in Hollywood

1.Tom Cruise, for all the obvious reasons

2. Jennifer Aniston,once and for all,she was excellent in "Friends",decent in "Breakup" and that's it! Nothing more!

3. George Clooney, far more interesting as director and producer than actor

4. Salma Hayek,also far more interesting as producer,activist or anything else than actress

5. Robert Pattinson,very nice guy but he really really is an average actor

6. Kristen Stewart,of course, but for a different reason than Pattinson,the girl has some raw talent but her public and private persona got the best of her and her talent drowned in her irritating self

7. Jessica Biel,again,for all the obvious reasons

8. Orlando Bloom,also a great guy,great career but simply not talented enough to justify the really good roles he gets

9. Diane Kruger,I sincerely don't understand what got her so far

10. Kerry Washington,she simply lacks talent and depth and she tries to make it up with perseverance

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Michael B.Jordan:I knew Vince Howard was going places

Oh yes,I am so happy when I read critics raving about actors I discovered in their beginnings.

Cannes press is glorifying Michael B.Jordan,or, for me,Vince Howard from FNL.The moment I saw that wild kid in Dillon with coach Taylor I knew he will be a star someday. And how right I was.

One of the best tv dramas ever on tv, FNL had brilliant cast all through 5 seasons and Michael was in top 3 actors there.He has a lot going on for him,his looks,his wild energy and his divine talent.He is young,full of hope and yearnings,curious and eager to explore all the world of possibilities good acting can offer.

Jordan never halts,he is ferocious and brave and above all he has a big heart.The story between him and his mother was incredible and his friendship with coach Taylor unforgettable.The camera adores him and  when his body explodes with uncontrollable energy, it looks amazing.

He stands out among his peers for his talent but more than that,he has charisma that only few true stars have.I was delighted when I read about his success in Sundance and can't wait to see "Fruitvale Station".Hopefully he will continue to choose movies with substance.

And he is still great but his career choices are eclectic,to say the least.Why does it happen so often that brilliant young actors who shine in important indie movies tend to disappoint following with idiotic choices?

I hope Jordan will come to his senses and understand how rare pure talent is and how much respect and nurture it deserves.I hope we won´t lose another great talent because of awful career moves.

So congratulations for all his successes and an insistent whisper,"Clear Eyes,Full Hearts Can't Loose"!
Get back to choosing Your roles with wisdom and passion.

Worldwide acting talents who should have a serious international career

1.Benjamin Sadler, excellent German actor with a steady tv career in Europe but, just like Christoph Waltz, capable of much  more

2.Kaya Scodelario,a beautiful and compelling English actress, she has already worked with Andrea Arnold

3.Mislav Cavajda,Croatian actor, awarded for his work in Croatian theatre,had a part in "Anton Chekhov's The Duel "directed by Dover Koshashvili.

4.Anna Mouglalis,a French beauty, true star in France,wonderful actress.

5.Tom Schilling, already a winner of many German acting prizes,fantastic actor with a steady tv career in Germany

6.Natasa Janjic,Croatian actress with huge talent and irresistible looks,in urgent need of good agent,star material

7.Mario Casas,young Spanish James Dean,excellent

8.Elena Anaya,superb Spanish actress,serious career in Spain,incredibly beautiful and talented

9.Volker Bruch,also German,solid tv career,very good

10.Hristina Popovic,brilliant actress from Serbia,already a movie star in her country

11.Rene Bitorajac,probably one of the best European actors,starred in Oscar wining "No man's land".

12.Natasa Petrovic, outstanding actress from Macedonia,starred in a poignant movie "As if I am not there",similar story as "In the land of blood and honey" but far  better

13.Romola Garai,splendid British actress from "Atonement"

14.Gaspard Ulieul,very interesting French young talent

Image result for sofia helin

15.Sofia Hellin,magical Swedish actress from "Broen"


16.Riz Ahmed,brilliant Brit from "The Reluctant Fundamentalist"

17.Holiday Grainger,the beautiful Lucrezia Borgia,another Brit

18.Tahar Rahim,exceptional French artist

19.Nina Violic,very talented and sincerely eccentric Croatian actress with rich film experience

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20.Kim Bodnia,excellent Danish actor with serious filmography

Image result for ana sofrenovic

21.Ana Sofrenovic,exciting Serbian actress

22.Nebojsa Glogovac,no.1.among talented Serbian actors,prolific career,excellent movies,huge potential

23.Arta Dobroshi,amazing actress from Kosovo,already worked with brothers Dardenne

24.Jeroen Spitzenberger,my recent discovery,fabulous Dutch actor

25.Nyncke Beekhuyzen,also from Netherlands,very interesting actress

26.Nikola Rakocevic,young Serbian actor from the movie "Circles",huge potential

27. Michael Aloni,my newest discovery,very exciting Israeli actor from the touching movie "Out in the Dark"

28.Karoline Herfurth,I am ashamed to say I forgot about her,so correcting my lapse,a very interesting German actress

29.Marco Bonini, very charming Italian actor

30.Joanna Vanderham,exquisite Scottish actress from "What Maisie knew"

31.Jessica De Gouw,tantalizing Australian actress from "Dracula"

32.Tom Hughes,a very interesting young British actor,probably the next hot Hollywood import

33.Jonas Nay,young German actor with many serious roles,striking in "Homevideo"

34.Koen De Bouw, magical Belgian actor

35.Steven Mackintosh,excellent underrated British actor

36.Emun Elliott,promising charismatic Scottish actor

37.Iwan Rheon,the brilliant British talent

38.Pyotr Fyodorov,exciting Russian talent

39.Sara Wiseman,wonderful and super talented Australian actress

40. Karel Roden,seriously underrated Czech actor

41.Lennie James,thrilling British actor

42.Jacky Ido,the amazing African actor from "The White Massai"

43.Kostja Ullmann,the joyful young German talent

44.Felicitas Woll,uber charming German actress

45.Adam Bakri,the amazing Palestinian talent

Image result for Agnes Kittelsen

46.Agnes Kittelsen,excellent Norwegian actress

47.Suraj Sharma,wonderful young Indian actor

48.Aisling Franciosi,excellent Irish girl from "The Fall"

49.James Norton,the dangerously talented actor from "Happy Valley"

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50.Sacha Dhawan,exciting talent from "Last Tango in Halifax"

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51.Marta Cero,undiscovered gem from London

Image result for Gethin Anthony

52.Gethin Anthony,Renly Baratheon from GOT already landed challenging role of Charles Manson in "Aquarius"

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53.Edda Magnason,wonderful multi talented performer from Island,star of "Monica Z"

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54.Birgitte Hjort Sorensen,from "Borgen" to the new HBO project

Image result for Alexander Karim

55.Alexander Karim, exciting Swedish actor,the only bright light in Tyrant

Image result for kacey mottet klein

56.Kacey Mottet Klein,the bold  and exciting kid from "L'enfant d'en haut"

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57.Edin Hasanovic,interesting German actor from the hilarious Familie Braun

There are many more so the list is updated frequently.