Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The most overrated actors and actresses in Hollywood

1.Tom Cruise, for all the obvious reasons

2. Jennifer Aniston,once and for all,she was excellent in "Friends",decent in "Breakup" and that's it! Nothing more!

3. George Clooney, far more interesting as director and producer than actor

4. Salma Hayek,also far more interesting as producer,activist or anything else than actress

5. Robert Pattinson,very nice guy but he really really is an average actor

6. Kristen Stewart,of course, but for a different reason than Pattinson,the girl has some raw talent but her public and private persona got the best of her and her talent drowned in her irritating self

7. Jessica Biel,again,for all the obvious reasons

8. Orlando Bloom,also a great guy,great career but simply not talented enough to justify the really good roles he gets

9. Diane Kruger,I sincerely don't understand what got her so far

10. Kerry Washington,she simply lacks talent and depth and she tries to make it up with perseverance


  1. The problem with this list is that Bloom, Biel, Aniston etc, were never, and have never been considered as 'rated'. Therefore I doubt any could possibly 'overrate' them. I'd prefer a more nuanced list with the likes of Nicole Kidman on it. Also, if anything, Tom Cruise belongs on the underrated list.

  2. I agree about Nicole but I was kinda generous::)),but Tom Cruise,seriously???????????????