Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The best of Europe:the most interesting European actresses and actors

With so many European countries working together to improve the visibility of European movie nad tv industry,the talent market has become very exciting.Young actresses and actors can benefit from the lively co-productions castings and even more from the talent workshops at many prestigious film festivals.
Among wonderfully talented people from all around Europe,here is the list of my personal favorites,my creme de la creme of EU talents.

1.Trine Dyrholm,my actual  EU no.1.the magnificent Danish actress from many great movies

2.Toni Servillo,the magician from the Italian masterpiece "La grande bellezza"

3.Marion Cotillard,the wonderful French actreess

4.Heino Ferch,brilliant German actor

5.Agata Kulesza,intriguing Polish actress from "Ida"

6.Brendan Gleeson,the miraculous Irishman

7.Oksana Akinshina,the girl who gave her heart and soul to the fantastic movie "Lilya 4-ever" and deserves more challenging roles

8.Mikael Persbrandt, amazing Swedish actor with impressive biography

9.Verlee Baetens,wonderfully talented Belgian actress from "The Broken Circle Breakdown"

10.Miki Manojlovic,excellent Serbian actor

Image result for brenda blethyn

11.Brenda Blethyn,amazing British star

Image result for matthias schoenaerts

12.Matthias Schoenaerts,although he is wasting his undeniable talent in to many average projects,still one of the most interesting European actors

Image result for lea seydoux

13.Lea Seydoux,aside from all the hype and questionable choices,this girl is magical