Thursday, July 4, 2013

Creme de la creme of French acting talent

France has a strong and proud film industry,legendary directors and many great actors.Helas,they have one serious problem, the language,so their international careers are less gratifying then they ought to be.But some exceptional talents like Marion Cotillard have proved the sceptics wrong.So here is my choice of the most interesting French artists,in random order and without the people I have already mentioned in my blogs.

1.Audrey Tatou,the epitome of the French woman,delightful,super talented and spunky

2.Benoit Magimel,surprising guy with formidable career

3.Cecile de France,another excellent and beautiful French lady

4.Yvan Attal,great actor,he was in the movie, "Anthony Zimmer",the perfect original for the disastrous remake "The Tourist"

5.Isabelle Huppert,a legend

6.Omar Sy, the genius from "Les Intouchables"

7.Karin Viard,fabulous,great comedienne

8.Romain Duris,seriously good

9.Melanie Laurent,the feisty girl

10.Jose Garcia,brilliant,a must see in the  masterpiece "Le couperet" by Costa Gavras

11.Ludivine Sagnier,another pure talent

12.Mathieu Amalric,a very versatile artist

13.Berenice Bejo,a beautiful and ultra  talented Argentinian expat in France

14.Alain Delon,talking about legends.....

15.Catherine Deneuve,of course

16.Francois Cluzet,fantastic actor

17.Isabelle Adjani,of course again

18.Francois Berleand,brilliant brilliant

19.Agnes Jaoui,very interesting

20.Gad Elmaleh,original and hilarious

21.Jeanne Moreau,another legend

23.Gerard Depardieu, the eccentric genius

24.Carole Bouquet,exquisite

25.Richard Berry,excellent

26.Sandrine Bonnaire,marvelous and underrated

27.Daniel Auteuil,admirable

28.Juliette Binoche,undeniable talent,enviable career

29.Jean Louis Trintignant,I was in love with him in "Un homme et une femme" and he broke my heart in "Amour"

30.Anouk Aimee,Trintignant's partner in legendary "Un homme et une femme"

31.Brigitte Bardot,just for fun!

32.Guilaume Canet,of course, a multi talented artist

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