Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rest in peace James Gandolfini

The man who gave us hours and hours of joy and happiness while we watched him invent the most compelling characters,the virtuoso who created the master-role Anthony Soprano,has passed way.

For years,there was nothing more important for me than the chance of enjoying the television art in its purest form,"The Sopranos".

And James Gandolfini was the center of  that magical world,the blaze that enlightened everyone around him.

He was and always will be,the actor who created the best character ever seen on television.

There was no doubt about his Soprano,ever,there was no hesitation,holding back,calculation or cajoling the audiences.And it wasn't easy since the character was so complex,so intricate,so profound ,that it took a master to create it.And Gandolfini proved to be a master,not only as Tony Soprano but also in every other character he portrayed in his successful and exigent career.

He was an excellent artist,his emotional range was very ample,he could be cruel or tender,omnipotent or a failure,passionate lover or endearing father,even his physical appearance did not limit his range of roles.His characters had all the human dimensions,from the best to the worst and even when they committed heinous acts,we couldn't stop loving them,due to Gandolfini's special magic.

The complexity of his most famous role was overwhelming,but Gandolfini never failed.Besides his acting skill,he had unbelievable strength of character and discipline that made the creation of Anthony Soprano so poignant.

Among many of the other  roles he played,my personal favourites are "In the Loop" and "Cinema verite".

"In the Loop" is a great smart movie and Gandolfini was excellent,he was funny and obnoxious as needed.In "Cinema verite" I liked something else about him,the great chemistry he shared with Diane Lane.
In every role he played  he had guts,he had heart and he had brains.His charisma and inner strength were incomparable and made him a legend.

And after seeing "Enough said" where he showed something completely different,a messy vulnerable middle aged man who can break Your heart in an instant,I could only sincerely say that he was one of the greatest actors I have ever had the privilege of watching.

His generosity and search for perfection made all his partners strive to be better and they all reached an  unimaginable level of acting skill and magic.

His creations set the highest standards for generations to come and  in 100 years from now,everyone will still admire the brilliant James Gandolfini as Anthony Soprano.He made history and all of us who were lucky enough to participate in it will be forever grateful.

So R.I.P.dear James and thank You for all the joy You brought us.

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