Monday, June 17, 2013

Expats in Hollywood:the best and the rest part I

Hollywood is swarming with expat actors these days.Movies,television,they are everywhere,they are hot,they are talented,they win many awards,so what is their secret?

Honestly, I don't know but I like the American generosity.They are good hosts even when they lose to their guests.So here are my favourite expats in Hollywood in random order,without the ones I already admired in my blogs.

1.Hugh Jackman,not only great actor and a nice man,he was also one of the best Oscar hosts ever

2.Mads Mikkelsen,powerful actor,especially in his Danish movies

3.Guy Pearce,brilliant but seriously underrated

4.Aaron Taylor Johnson,one of the best young actors in the world,with a few regrettable career choices

5.Demian Bichir,everyone should see him in "A Better Life"

6.Tom Hardy,another must-see in "Warrior",relentless

7.Idris Elba,grand in every one of his roles but needs to choose them more wisely

8.Ben Whishaw,excellent actor, underrated

9.Benicio Del Toro,great career

10.Jean Dujardin,even though I don't like any of his French movies,he was flawless in "The Artist"

11.Joel Edgerton,excellent in "Warrior" and surprising in "The Great Gatsby"

12.Colin Farrell -  magnificent performances in "Tigerland" and "In Bruges"

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