Thursday, June 13, 2013

Game of Thrones : the dreamy casting

Casting directors are those lucky people who get to make the first choice of talents for a certain movie or tv project.Following the director's ideas and wishes,they have to look among hundreds of interesting talented artists and present their selection to directors and producers.

Every acting star is the result of the hard work that casting directors put into their selections .They must have many skills,perfect knowledge of talent's real capabilities,instinct,good eye,curiosity,passion about actors and a true sense of diplomacy to successfully navigate through minefields of directors,producers and agents.

They are coveted by agents,revered by actors, generally appreciated by directors and always underestimated by general public.

Casting creations can be masterpieces or sometimes horrible messes but in the end,they have to put their names on the credits and bear the consequences regardless of the tedious compromises they might had to endure.

There are some great casting directors around the world,let me mention a few of my favorites: Sheila Jaffe,Juliet Taylor,Joyce Nettles,Bernard Telsey,Frank and Nualla Moiselle,Gail Stevens,Beatrice Kruger,Nina Gold,Markus Schleinzer.

And when they get it right,You can see see a cast as magnificent as in "The Game of Thrones",casting directors Nina Gold and Robert Sterne.

Every role was perfect in itself and every entity homogeneous.There is no doubt that the Starks or the Lannisters are family,there is no asking why some couples are passionate about each other.Their attraction is palpable,their physical appearance flawless for their roles.When you like them,you are crazy about them and when you don't, you simply want to kill them.They are magical,irresistible,scary and odious and it is definitely the best acting ensemble seen in years.

There was no gaffe in that vast group of completely different people,they have reached every goal that a series of such importance asks for:

- a brilliant mix of newcomers and respectable names
- fantastic character actors
- consistency of every group,no disparities in couples or families
- no discrepancy in talent,not one inadequate actor in a significant role

And among so many perfectly chosen roles,here are my personal preferences:

Peter Dinklage,of course,brilliant actor,Emmy award winner

Charles Dance,a fantastic Tywin Lannister

Gwendoline Christie, the surprising Brienne of Tarth

Jerome Flynn, the insolent Bronn

Kate Dickie,a really weird Lysa Arryn

Emilia Clarke,the adorable Khaleesi

Nikolaj Coster Waldau,the irresisstible Jamie Lannister

Iwan Rheon,the brilliantly monstruous Ramsay Snow

John Bradley,the endearing Samwell Tarley

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