Monday, June 3, 2013

Gwyneth Paltrow:the road to perdition

How to arrive from being an Oscar winner to discussing your pelvic muscles and body odour on talk shows?Well,obviously the road is long and bumpy but it is possible as Gwyneth Paltrow so boldly showed us.

Once upon a time she was a beautiful,talented,lovely girl with decent career. Her parents were serious professionals in the same business and she started very young,with a dreamy role,young Wendy in the "Hook".

A few tv movies later she was already in company of Nicole Kidman and Alec Baldwin in "Malice" or Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan in "Flesh and bone".

Her all American good looks and decent acting took her to co-starring very soon with Nick Nolte in "Jefferson in Paris" but the movie that brought fame and publicity was a gem by David Fincher,"Seven".

In this cruel movie Gwyneth was perfect,ethereal and victimized and her off screen romance with Brad Pitt put her in the spotlight.

Her appeal was undeniable,she was the new Grace Kelly,elegant,beautiful but more passionate and funnier.

She continued with some good choices like working with Paul Thomas Anderson but unfortunately really debatable roles prevailed.

Still,she managed to stay decent even in the bad movies she made. Public adored her in "Emma" but what really confirmed her talent and skill was of course "Shakespeare in love". It was a wonderfully amusing movie,a breath of fresh air and Paltrow was excellent along with all the cast.She won the Oscar for her role and she deserved it.

Her acceptance speech got notorious but she has the same problem as Anne Hathaway,she simply tries to hard in serious occasions.However,it has nothing to do with her acting skills.She is good and versatile,she can play different characters with the same ease and has a real comic talent.

Her post Oscar choices continued to be eclectic,to say the least. It seems that she doesn't really think a bout choosing   her roles or how else can You starring in "View from the top" and in "Sylvia" or "The royal Tenenbaums"?I know the actors also have to earn their living, but seriously?

Her career became even more divergent  in the last few years,I really liked her in "Country strong" and "Glee" because she proved she could also dance and sing.
The "Iron Man" franchise brought her back in the spotlight and unfortunately that same spotlight caused some really bizarre episodes.

How can a decent actress become topic of every gossip magazine or site? How on earth can she blabber about her tits or her pelvic muscles?
Doesn't she know the difference between wannabes who need to entertain the world with tasteless stories about their private lives since they have nothing substantial to show us and herself?

She can stay funny and down to earth or whatever the hell she is trying to do without following the road to perdition,the road to the covers of trashy papers.She has no excuse for her public disgrace since she is or maybe was a smart woman with real and acknowledged talent.She has already made to many mistakes with her choice of roles but now she is topping it with idiotic statements.

Doesn't she have any self esteem? Does she know how many actresses would kill for her position and her talent?I get livid when I see such squandering of something so rare and precious as talent is.In my eyes nothing can justify such a waste,even more because we all know she is paying an entourage of people who take care of her public appearance and her career.I really wonder what are they all doing?

Instead of concentrating on her career choices or maybe making a difference by producing some meaningful movies herself,she is becoming a laughing stock for people who couldn't even dream to compare themselves with her in normal circumstances.

And to make the things worse the gossip community openly dislikes and ridicules her??????????What kind of PR tactic is this?Do her own people want to destroy her?

So a very LOUD whisper/scream:

-Please Mrs Paltrow,just stop talking,immediately.Disappear for a while and when You come back don't talk.For a long time.
- Fire everyone who works for You since they are all responsible for not stopping You on time.Start over.
  And again,don't talk.Till Your next Oscar speech if possible.

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