Thursday, June 27, 2013

Expats in Hollywood:the best and the rest part II

More decent expats in random order,some of them great in tv,some with successful careers at home and in Hollywood,all worth a praise.

1.Damian Lewis

2.Julian McMahon

3.Simon Baker

4.Anthony La Paglia

5.Eddie Redmayne

6.Tom Hiddleston

7.Emma Watson

8.Daniel Radcliffe

6.Jonathan Rhys Meyers

7.Hugh Dancy

8.Matthew Rhys

9.Naomi Watts

10.Eric Bana

11.Rose Byrne

12.Alex Pettyfer

13.Rachel Weisz

14.Hugh Laurie

15.Cilian Murphy

16.Alexander Skarsgard

17.Andy Garcia

18.Ruth Wilson

19.Gael Garcia Bernal

20.Rachel Griffiths

21.Jean Reno

22.Caroline Dhavernas

23.Mark Strong

24.Benedict Cumberbatch

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