Thursday, May 9, 2013

The worst cast of tv season:Red widow

I watch every feature show on tv,at least 15 minutes of every pilot and my criteria is not very harsh,i just need the show to pull me in .There were excellent ,average,good and adorable tv series this previous season.And then of course some very very bad.Since my point of interest are actors, I was thinking about best and worst casts of the previous season and in a very strong competition of awful casts,here are my favorites.

1."Red widow": there is a specific reason I was watching this really bad ABC project,the concentration of Eastern European actors that I know well was very high and I kept watching it even after the hilarious pilot.The show is awful,really awful but I am not a tv critic,merely an actor's whisperer so let's dissect the cast. I won't get into describing their roles since they were so boring and even though the story could have been intriguing,the horrible directing and acting ruined it at the beginning.

Radha Mitchell/Martha,a decent looking woman,whose face was vaguely familiar,had a nice opportunity  landing a leading role that could have been complex.
Could have been but with no good guidance and relying only on her mediocre talent,her performance is appalling. She has two facial expressions: happy and everything else.Her voice is continuously the same,she has no emotions,no sex appeal,no strength and definitely no chemistry with her main partner.She is at her best with her kids who were absolutely far better than the adult actors,especially young Boris.I was shocked when I saw how much work she has done over the years,I really don't understand it.

Goran Visnjic/Schiller,Croatian actor who is trying to build a decent career in Hollywood for to many years,obviously loved the role of dangerous Romanian criminal,Schiller.Hi tried and tried,but his facial spasm that I remember so well from ER is still there.He is a good looking man but his old fashioned masculine looks are in great contrast with his shy nature.He never knows what to do with his body,especially in rare sex scenes that he has to endure so the supposed sexual tension between Mitchell and him was non-existent.He was a bit better than her,showed a glimpse of emotion but all in all he seemed like a paper doll Ken.For years I thought he had a great agent because she managed to get him some good roles in spite of his mediocrity but now,after letting him getting humiliated in ultimate disaster that was  a movie K-11, I think it's time for a change.

The worst of the lot is a Croatian star,Rade Serbedzija/Petrov,an actor who keeps landing idiotic roles of Russian mobsters and fakes them so obviously that it hurts.Unlike Visnjic,Serbedzija could do whatever he wanted with any role he got,if he only gave a damn.But his lack of respect for the work he does outside of his country is so offensive that he deserves to be unemployed for the rest of his career.Great actors are far more responsible for doing awful work than the mediocre talents like Visnjic and Mitchell and that is something that American producers and directors are tolerating to often with phonies like Serbedzija.

Branka Katic/Alexandra, who is also a big name in her native Serbia,and definitely a very good actress, was following Serbedzija's example.Her talent was tested already in Entourage and Big love but in Red widow she has hit rock bottom.Predictable,boring,with to many grimaces,she rewarded us with an awful presumably wild sex scene with  Visnjic.No imagination and certainly no effort was put in any of her scenes.

Unlike the indolent Eastern Europeans,the rest of American cast at least tried.Wil Traval and Jamie Ray Newman as Serbedzija's children were decent,especially Traval.

I sincerely hope there will be no second season of this amateurish display of a possibly interesting entourage of Eastern European mobsters.

My whisper is this time for casting directors:
- people,what the hell were You doing??????????????

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