Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Favourite faces from this tv season

1.Aden Young-I have already sang his praises, he is simply brilliant in"Rectify", so, once again,Aden Young.

2.Kaitlyn Black- a beautiful,witty southern belle from "Hart of Dixie".

3.Theo James-excellent Brit import, unfortunately "Golden Boy" is cancelled but I am sure this young actor will come back very soon

4.Annie Parisse- great in one of the most amusing shows of the season,"The Following"

5.Freddie Highmore-a superb Norman Bates, but one can't expect anything else from a kid who worked with Ridley Scott and Luc Besson,another Brit!

6.Keri Russel - a sentimental comeback for me,Felicity is all grown up and a spy !Love "The Americans"!

7.Cress Williams-FNL in Bluebell,Vince's dad as very nice mayor Hayes

8.Nicola Peltz - the beautiful love interest of Norman Bates.

9.The great couple no.1,Connie Britton and Charles Esten -Mrs.coach Taylor has found a great guy in "Nashville"

10.The great couple no.2- Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy-how can anyone resist them?

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