Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I miss Hilary Swank

Dear Hilary,

for so many years You have entranced the public with your talent.

Ever since we saw You in "Boys don't cry" we knew that there will probably be no one like You in a long long time.It was a daring path,from various tv roles to an Oscar win and You did it,bravely and perfectly.
Brandon Teena was one of the most heartbreaking characters in movies and You managed to portray  it without ever going over the top.The movie is a feast for every  afficionado, a small,unpretentious story about very serious issues.And it was an excellent chance to show what true acting talent really meant,what brave and curious actress could do with a great script.

A star was born then and You continued fiercely,landing interesting roles that did You credit and bursting very soon in another  dreamlike role ," Million dollar baby".
There was a slight  danger of overdoing it,we thought Eastwood dumped to much grief  and pain on Your shoulders but once again You proved that modesty and finesse can go a very long way,straight to Your second Oscar.

 You have everything, looks,character,charisma,talent and knowledge of how to use that great talent sparingly and wisely.You have skill,You have heart and You captivate  every scene so completely that you need very strong partners. Still,even with weaker ones,you are a generous co-star who helps them.You are unpretentious and very very courageous and basically You can play everything to perfection.

But what I love about You is the fact that You never give up,You put the same effort in every role You play, however uninspiring it may appear.Everything You have done was brilliantly played but it's a pity that there were so little adequate challenges for Your talent.

One of my favourites is definitely "Amelia", I love Mira Nair so I am impatient to see whatever she does.And in Amelia there was also a benefit of watching my favourite actress so the pleasure was complete.It is a beautiful movie,opulent and moving and it was a great role for You.Another fearless and unconventional character that so obviously suited You.

So dear Hilary,please listen to a true fan's tiny whisper:

- even though I have nothing but enormous respect for the seriousness of Your efforts in really questionable movies,I think it's time to become more selective about Your projects since we are all impatient to congratulate You on Your third Oscar!

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