Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The marvelous newcomer Jack Reynor

The best part of my work as an agent and later casting director was discovering new talent, and being  an avid  tv and movie consumer, I continue to look for new interesting faces all the time.

There are many young actors and actresses who deserve our attention today but there is rarely a newcomer who has a chance to show us all the richness of his talent in a great movie made by an astonishing director.

Jack Reynor had that chance.I saw the movie "What Richard did"  by pure coincidence, the dvd cover looked interesting so I decided to take a look,without knowing neither the director Lenny Abrahamson nor any of the actors.

It was absolutely exquisite,the kind of movie I prefer,small,intimate,dealing with important questions and masterfully created. From the beginning, You are drawn into an almost documentary world of Dublin golden teens,their life during few days of summer vacation.And till the end  You could be nowhere else but there, swept away by the artistic perfection of it all.

The cast was fantastic,young Irish actors, all of them incredibly natural and credible so it was immediately obvious that they must have been led by a brilliant director.

And among them the leading actor, Jack Reynor, owned the movie from the very first moment,made it completely his without ever suffocating his partners.
He has everything: looks,talent,charisma and instinct.He is spontaneous,nuanced, he has excellent control of his physique, his gestures are never superfluous,his emotions are raw, pure and yet very precise, which is rarely seen in very young male leads.

Reynor's talent is incredible and he was very lucky that "What Richard did" was his breakthrough.My only worry was that if he didn't have really good people taking care of his career, he might make some wrong steps very early. Helas, my worst  fears were confirmed just 2 days  after I saw him playing Richard when I read about Michael Bay offering Raynor a role in "Tranformers 4".

And that is exactly the wrong move for someone so talented . Not that I don't appreciate Bay and his action movies but there is a type of actor who should never enter the world of Hollywood mega spectacles,studio deals,sequels and franchises.And that is Reynor.

Before him, the same mistake was made by Andrew Garfield with "Spiderman". Garfield was also a fantastic newcomer in "Boy A",clever,heartbreaking and powerful,continued wisely with the "The social network" and then he was lost in predictability of becoming a super hero in a big production franchise.

Unlike Reynor,Garfield doesn't have that golden boy looks but in Reynor's case it may become a burden.

Garfield and Reynor,as different as they are,both posses a pure versatile talent that comes very rarely and should treat it very cautiously,with infinite respect by choosing adequate roles,without succumbing to the pressure of money,fame,quick success or whatever it is that guides them.

So my whisper to Reynor:
- be very very careful,some mistakes can never be corrected and some chances never come back.
- work only with brilliant directors since they are the most important people in your career

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