Thursday, May 23, 2013

Michael B.Jordan:I knew Vince Howard was going places

Oh yes,I am so happy when I read critics raving about actors I discovered in their beginnings.

Cannes press is glorifying Michael B.Jordan,or, for me,Vince Howard from FNL.The moment I saw that wild kid in Dillon with coach Taylor I knew he will be a star someday. And how right I was.

One of the best tv dramas ever on tv, FNL had brilliant cast all through 5 seasons and Michael was in top 3 actors there.He has a lot going on for him,his looks,his wild energy and his divine talent.He is young,full of hope and yearnings,curious and eager to explore all the world of possibilities good acting can offer.

Jordan never halts,he is ferocious and brave and above all he has a big heart.The story between him and his mother was incredible and his friendship with coach Taylor unforgettable.The camera adores him and  when his body explodes with uncontrollable energy, it looks amazing.

He stands out among his peers for his talent but more than that,he has charisma that only few true stars have.I was delighted when I read about his success in Sundance and can't wait to see "Fruitvale Station".Hopefully he will continue to choose movies with substance.

And he is still great but his career choices are eclectic,to say the least.Why does it happen so often that brilliant young actors who shine in important indie movies tend to disappoint following with idiotic choices?

I hope Jordan will come to his senses and understand how rare pure talent is and how much respect and nurture it deserves.I hope we won´t lose another great talent because of awful career moves.

So congratulations for all his successes and an insistent whisper,"Clear Eyes,Full Hearts Can't Loose"!
Get back to choosing Your roles with wisdom and passion.

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