Thursday, January 16, 2014

The best underrated movie performances of 2013

In the year of great casts and brilliant acting performances it was hard to praise all who deserved it.But some actors should have  received more nods and here is my list of the best underrated actresses and actors in 2013.

1.Sally Hawkins,"Blue Jasmine"

2.Steve Coogan,"Philomena" and more

3.Jeremy Renner,"American hustle"

4.Keith Stanfield,"Short Term 12"

5.Paul Dano,"Prisoners"

6.Bobby Cannavale,"Blue Jasmine"

7.John Gallagher Jr,"Short Term 12"

8.Greta Gerwig,"Frances Ha"

9.Melissa Leo,"Prisoners"

10. James Gandolfini,"Enough Said"

11.Brie Larson,"Short Term 12"

12.Michael B.Jordan,"Fruitvale Station"

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