Thursday, January 16, 2014

Best acting ensembles in 2013,movies

Last year casting directors did a marvelous job creating so many perfect casts that it is very hard to make a just selection.Here are some of my favorites.

1.Short Term 12,CD Rich Delia

2.The Wolf of Wall Street,CD Ellen Lewis

3. American Hustle,CD Linsday Graham,Mary Vernieu

4.Fruitvale Station,CD Twinkie Bird,Nina Henninger

5.12 years a slave,CD Francine Maisler

6.Blue Jasmine, CD Patricia Kerrigan Di Certo,Julie Taylor

7.Enough Said,CD Jeanne McCarthy

8.Prisoners,CD Kerry Barden,Paul Schnee

9.Philomena,CD Leo Davis,Lissy Holm

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