Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ben Affleck : can he finally make up his mind?


In the light of the general riot about the new Batman casting I was thinking about Ben Affleck's somehow debatable career.

From the first time I saw him with his best buddy Matt Damon receiving the deserved Oscar for their script writing in "Good Will Hunting",I had ambiguous feelings about the guy.I didn't like him,something in him seemed edgy but I genuinely loved the movie and thought the idea to be brilliant.

His career path from then on seemed pretty bipolar.

On one side there was Ben Affleck,the typical relatively good looking guy in typical action/disaster/romantic movies,never interesting enough but somehow very popular.He seemed to take every possible role ever offered to him,his choices were strange and sometimes truly idiotic but he was simply an average Hollywood product.I found it regretful since his Oscar for screenwriting seemed promising but who can really discern the real reasons for his decisions?

Some of his roles showed a glimpse of interest from his part,like "State of Play" or "The Company Men" but mostly he seemed hostile and not really engaged.His heart wasn't in it and he didn't have the necessary skill to hide it.

He had a lot of pure disasters,the roles that could have ruined him if it wasn't for the other side of his split professional personality.That other side  is a smart, tough, ambitious guy with a very original imagination,excellent writer and decent director.

The other Ben Affleck is the guy who can create really good movies like "Gone Baby Gone","The Town" and "Argo".That side of him shows a person invested in meaningful subjects and also an actor who can give engaging performances when his heart is in the right place.

So who is Ben Affleck really?Gigli or the director of  "The Town"?

How can a movie professional mash up so many absurd choices and still be able to deliver decent work?

In my opinion Affleck should tone down on acting and dedicate himself to directing,writing and producing because that's what he does the best.And to be honest,I find it a bit insatiable to meddle in everything.He is blessed with some talents,let other people who have more acting talent shine.

The whole outrage over his Batman role is very endearing,there are so many people who are really invested in Hollywood studios decisions and it shows the true great strength of the movie industry.I agree,it can't solve world hunger but for us movie aficionados,it is a serious subject.We want those who are privileged with positions to make choices, to make the right ones.

Ben Affleck should never have accepted the role because he knows he is not right  for it.He knows it in his guts but his vanity has taken over.

There are actors who could have given the public excellent Batman but unfortunately,due to the exceptionally bad judgement of producers and directors and Ben Affleck's weakness we will never see them.

So please make up Your mind Affleck,will You continue to steal chances from the actors who are passionate about their acting and who are not blessed with so many other talents or will You finally take the path that You are better at and give us some more meaningful movies?

Decide, because right now You just seem very  very greedy.

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