Thursday, August 13, 2015

The best TV roles of 2014

Twitter got the best of me and I have neglected my blog.So,some long overdueTLC for the great actresses and actors whom I have enjoyed last year.

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1.Mireille Enos,my personal favorite,she was her usual magical self in the last season of "The Killing".

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2.Joseph Sikora,Tommy Egan from the very exciting "Power"

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3.Gabrielle Union,who is really being Mary Jane

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4.Clayne Crawford from one of the best tv dramas,"Rectify"

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5.Sarah Lancashire,the wonderful British actress shone in "Happy Valley"

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6.Damon Gupton from the unreasonably cancelled "The Divide"

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7.Maggie Gyllenhale in "The Honourable Woman"

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8.James Norton,brilliant in "Happy Valley"

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9.Aisling Franciosi from "The Fall"

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10.Iwan Rheon, the mad Ramsay Snow in "Game of Thrones"

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11.Allison Janney,marvellous in "Masters of Sex"

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12.Chris Geere,wildly irritating guy from "You're the Worst"

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13.Mindy Kalling,seriously funny girl

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14.Tone Bell,very exciting talent form "Bad Judge"

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15.Zoe Kazan,absolutely amazing in "Olive Kitteridge"

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16.Suraj Sharma,very good guest in "Homeland"

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17.Viola Davis, absolutely the star of the tv season in "How to get away with murder"

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18.Chris Messina,the brilliant underrated Diamond Dan from "The Mindy Project"

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