Thursday, August 28, 2014

Emmys 2014:the best,the rest and "Rectify"

Once again,Emmys came and went away,and as predictable as that is,the awards were even more.Even when You love the actors to death,there is a slight sense of embarrassment to see someone taking the  Emmy for the 100th time.
The only thing even more embarrassing than the predictability of the awards, is the fact that seemingly no relevant person in tv industry is watching "Rectify",the best drama on tv.

In the very difficult category,lead actress in a drama series,Julianna Margulies won and it was well deserved.She was reliably good in the very surprising season of "The Good Wife".She is serious,ambitious,funny and warm but my personal favorite was the magical Lizzy Caplan even though I admired Robin Wright very much.Claire Danes has already won for "Homeland" and this season was weak,Michelle Dockery is decent but not magical and Kerry Washington is .....absolutely overrated.

The elephant in the room was of course,the snub of Tatiana Maslany,the versatile girl from "Orphan Black".I know the fans were outraged as I am about "Rectify"and she really should have been nominated.Maslany has a lot of potential and she bravely and successfully stood to the challenges of her role.

The lead actor category is  my soar point.I love Bryan Cranston,loved him long before BB,I think he is one of the best actors in Hollywood,capable of anything any director or writer could have imagined and his win is a joy.
Jon Hamm is absolutely flawless in "Mad Men" but it seems he is not liked by the Emmy voters.As for the excellent duo from "True Detective",they were simply in the wrong category.Jeff Daniels is a nice guy but he was as bad as the show he was in.Kevin Spacey was brilliant and could have won.

But to forget Aden Young,the master in from "Rectify" should not have happened to a serious voting body.Absolutely not.

Supporting actress category was  really predictable.As good as all those actresses were this season,not one of them stood a chance against Walter White´s wife,Anna Gunn.She is excellent and probably gave the performance of her life,it will be very interesting to follow her career after BB.

I love "Downton Abbey" and adore GOT but Anna Gun was really the best in this category that forgot some really decent actresses from different shows like,again,"Rectify" and Abigail Spencer,Adelaide Clemens or J.Smith Cameron or the excellent Paula Malcomson from "Ray Donovan".

Again,very decently spread category,the supporting drama actor,brought the inevitable win to Aaron Paul,well deserved but all the nominees were excellent in their roles,especially Peter Dinklage.It could have been him but Aaron was really really magnificent in BB and since it was their last season,we were all happy to see them praised once more.

Outstanding guest actress in drama series was won by the wonderful,magical Alison Janney for her divine role in "Masters of Sex".If there was ever a well deserved win,this is the one.Janney is simply brilliant,I have always loved her discreet charm and courage and the profoundly touching role of Margaret Scully put all of her strengths  in the spotlight.She is fierce,passionate,beautiful and without vanity.Absolutely the best in this category,no one came even close.

Unfortunately,guest drama actor category ,was so bland that I didn´t even have a favorite.No one stood out but they were all decent.I like Joe Morton but I hate "Scandal" so I can´t say a thing.But my choice would be Beau Bridges.

And then there are the acting performances in comedies.For many years now I simply don´t laugh at the tv comedies.I liked the first season of "Girls" but it became unbearably boring."Modern Family" is ok but no.

And the rest,well, I liked Mindy Kalling.Anyway,the category was filled with the leading ladies of all the not so funny comedies and the excellent Julia Louis Dreyfus won.I always liked her,she is a marvelous comedian who is capable of much more,a great passionate actress and a smart woman who always gives great acceptance speeches as she did this time.Well deserved.

But let´s talk about "Orange is the new black".I am not a fan,there is something crude and obnoxious in it but the cast is very very original and all the actresses have done a great job.They are the biggest losers of the evening.

The leading men in the comedies were so predictable that it made me laugh,with a very welcome addition of William H.Macy.It would have been wonderful if he had won but no,Sheldon wins again.I like Jim Parsons,I still remember him from "Judging Amy" but enough is enough.Still,he gave a very graceful speech.

The supporting comedy ladies were,on the other hand,a pretty interesting bunch.I missed Kathleen Rose Perkins from "Episodes".Still the wonderful Allison Janney won again,a great great night for her.

Supporting comedy men award made me really angry.
I adore Ty Burrell,really,he is fantastic,imaginative,modest and nice.But still,this one should have gone to Adam Driver,no doubt about that.The guy is fierce,original,quirky and relentless and he deserved it.

OITNB went home with at least one well deserved acting award,guest in comedy series.Uzo Aduba took it and it was more than deserved.As for her male colleague,the winner Jimmy Fallon,people really?No one else?Not even Steve Buscemi or Louis C.K.?

And then there is the mini series or movie category aka Ryan Murphy must get something.And he did,or his muse Jessica Lange did  and the great Kathy Bates also.Yes,they are outstanding actresses but Cecily Tyson should have won.Then again,I am happy the disastrous Sarah Paulson didn´t get it for Murphy.

The male category for miniseries or movies is probably the only real surprise of the evening.Murphy had a champion in that category,"The Normal Heart" and the whole cast,except the poor Tim Riggins,was nominated.And Matt Boomer should have gotten it,but somehow it all went to uber boring Benedict Cumberbatch and a very decent Martin Freeman.Complete surprise,at least for me.

I can only wait till next year,when the third season of  "Rectify" will finally take  all the awards.Unless the Netflix takes over the new final season of "Breaking Bad".

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