Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Just relax Anne!

There is a girl who has everything,looks,talent,recognition, obviously fantastic agents, and yet.....there is something so tense in her that it makes you feel sad.

I saw her for the first time in tv series Get real and she was great,beautiful in an old fashioned way,funny and engaging.It was a decent show that also starred Jesse Eisenberg and Eric Christian Olsen and both of them did quite well later on.

Then the Princess diaries, nice movies that confirmed my first impression about her, it seemed to me she was about to be a star because she had so much on her side already. I kept waiting for the right role that would show her real strength and possibilities and it came soon enough.

Brokeback mountain.It should be every young actress dream to land a part with a genius like Ang Lee in a movie so powerful and poignant that it would last forever. She had a great partner in never better Jake Gyllenhaall (neither before nor after) and she was brilliant,courageous, always halting exactly on the fine line between passionate and pathetic,with a breathtaking physical presence on the camera. A great start for a serious acting career.

And she just kept going,making excellent choices.Devil wears Prada put her together with "dame" Meryl Streep,probably the best living actress in the USA.She took the opportunity and rose to the occasion,learning along the way from a living legend.She was flamboyant and her beauty was overwhelming.Then she had a lot of fun in Get Smart,also a great choice to star next to a great comedian like Steve Carell.

Becoming Jane was and is one of my favourites Anne roles,since her connection with James McAvoy was excellent and her old fashioned looks tend to shine in a costume drama.I thought she had great agents since her choice of the roles was until then very eclectic and daring but never calculated.

Just as I started wondering about her next move she landed a role of her lifetime in Rachel getting married.We have seen  there a completely different and surprising Anne Hathaway,at her best.All the nervous energy that we had a glimpse of in Brokeback mountain exploded and made her so fantastic that she got a well deserved nomination for the Academy award.It was a great little movie,with excellent acting performances and female characters so insufferable that  it was difficult to decide whom  to hate more.It is definitely Anne's best performance till today.

Of course she had to have some questionable choices, but even in the middle of the road movies she did well.I liked her a lot in Valentine's day and  in Love and other drugs. Brides war was  awful but it was interesting to see her opposite Kate Hudson,a girl who was once so brilliant that is very sad to watch her becoming a  rom-com queen.
One day was nothing special but still she never made me feel embarrassed for her performances except of course watching her struggle through the 2011 Academy awards.

To begin with, James Franco and Anne Hathaway are an awful couple.On every level.Disastrous.And in a situation that was doomed from the start she chose the worst possible road.Enough was said  so I won't dwell upon it but the only bright moment in that awful evening were her looks.

But for me it was the beginning of a new Anne Hathaway,nervous wreck as opposed to Anne Hathaway,shy and ambitious young actress.After the Oscars she became so anxious, edgy and  fervid that I began to feel sincerely sorry for her. The critics were harsh,the Oscars were a disaster,so what? The responsibility lies on the shoulders on those supposedly very smart and experienced people who chose her,not on hers.Every young actress in the world would have grabbed the opportunity and she was right to do it.She was awful but  it was the first serious faux-pas of her career and that puts it in some perspective.

The Dark knight series is obviously a must for many young actresses and it is a legend of it's kind so it was a good choice to bring her back to life after the Oscars even though I would never cast her as the cat woman.  

All in all she did a few not so great movies but she was decent even in those parts so I simply don't understand her nervous tension.There are many gossip sites that write about celebrities private lives,but I tend to focus only on their work and judge what they give me on the screen. I firmly believe that the public should discern between public,professional and private lives of actors and actresses and judge their work solely based on their performances.It is very difficult since media bombards You with insignificant and idiotic insight in their most private moments but they are supposed to bring us pleasure with their work,not with their personal life.Anne Hathaway is one of the few who has almost everything going for her and her nervous eagerness to please is about to harm her career significantly.

I am afraid that she will become so avid that she' ll make some careless choices. For now she is still holding on with Les Miserables,showing everyone that she can also sing. She was good and her effort deserves to be commended .She got an Oscar nomination and already a few important awards and I really wish that in all this triumph she just relaxes a bit.

So just a tiny whisper: just relax Anne, relax and enjoy, it's  Your time and it can hardly get any better so please just chill!

And for the love of God find another stylist,whoever is dressing You now is ruining Your perfect looks!
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