Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rising stars

There are many young actresses and actors around the world who are trying to achieve fame,money,success, meaningful career or all of it.Some of them will see their dreams come true,some will fail and many will succeed against all odds.

But only a small number of them have talent,charisma,brains and hearts to become truly great.

Here is my choice,in random order, of those young and blessed with exceptional qualities and I hope to see them in many wonderful roles.

1.Hailee Steinfeld,Oscar nominee,ultra talented girl from "True Grit"

2.Ezra Miller,surprising kid from "We need to talk about Kevin"

3.Saoirse Ronan,brilliant Irish young talent,also an Oscar nominee

4.Kodi Smith McPhee,the excellent Australian child prodigy from "The Road" and more

5.Elle Fanning,my favourite of the Fanning sisters

6.Alex Shaffer,brilliant role in a perfect small movie "Win Win",great potential

7.Saskia Rosendhal,exciting young German actress from the fantastic movie "Lore"

8.Robert Sheehan,splendid Irish actor,I expect a lot from him

9.Chloe Grace Moretz,smart,funny and ultra talented

10.David Rawle,a miraculous kid from the excellent series "Moone Boy", Irish prodigy

11.Abigail Breslin,my personal darling,I adore her from "Little Miss Sunshine"

12.Asa Butterfield, excellent British actor from "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" and "Hugo"

13.Quezhane Wallis, a miracle,the youngest Oscar nominee ever,the incredible girl from "Beasts of the Southern Wild"

14.Tye Sheridan,the amazing boy from "MUD",winner of the Marcello Mastroianni prize for young performer in Venice

15.Brie Larson,the brilliant young actress from "United States of Tara" and "Short Term 12"

16.Alicia Vikander, magical Swedish actress expanding in international market

17.Keith Stanfield,the miraculous boy from "Short Term 12"

17.Onata Aprile,the child prodigy from a little gem,"What Maisie knew"

18.Pierre Niney,amazing French kid from "Vingt ans d´ecart" et "Yves Saint Laurent"

Image result for jack o'connell

19.Jack O'Connell,the wonderful actor from "Unbroken" and even better "71"

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20.Emjay Anthony,the brilliant kid from "Chef"

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